Hello, I am Danijel, a DevOps engineer/operator enthusiastic about Linux, open source software and the decentralized internet. On the side I also like to mix some electronic music.

This site is just a home page for my projects and occassional thoughts on technology and other topics. I don't think that the world needs a yet another blogger, but it can be useful to have a public outlet that isn't a social network profile.

Between 2004 and 2010. I've been running a couple of small Free Open Source Software communities at Libervis.com and Nuxified.org (no longer owned by me), then worked as a jack of all trades for a global publisher of informational websites (e.g. tech-faq.com), a web developer for a small web development and design company, and presently a DevOps guy at a medium-size web and app development company. It's been quite an eclectic ride, but my professional focus now is on DevOps as the juncture point of many disciplines related to technological transformation.

The name "zenterial" is a kind of short hand of "zen material". I like putting my projects under umbrella brands and this name sounded cool enough to serve the purpose. There's no special meaning other than paying homage to a kind of endless aspiration towards that elusive "zen" state. Whatever project, initiative  or way of thinking may bring that state closer it can be considered material to "zen".